Dr. Sujoy Khan - MBBS (CMC Vellore) FRCP (Edin) FRCPath (London)
  Consultant Allergist & Immunologist

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Dr. Sujoy Khan provides treatment to both children and adults for :

Allergic Asthma

Angioedema including C1-inhibitor deficiency
Aeroallergen sensitivity (pollen, house dust mite etc) - for potential desensitization
Drug allergy
Food allergy
Insect sting allergy (for desensitization)

Apollo Gleneagles Hospital 58, Canal Circular Road, Kadapara, Kolkata, West Bengal 700054, India

To view the List of Tests available at the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata facility, please click here


  • Skin prick testing in clinic for allergies - results are ready in 20 minutes of testing with printed report and advice provided at appointment
           [Patient must STOP all antihistamines for 7 days prior to skin test procedure]  
  • Patch testing - 20 common chemicals are used (Indian Standard Battery) that are applied at the back and reviewed after 48 hours
  • Immunotherapy - Subcutaneous (injections under the skin) or Sublingual (drops under the tongue) immunotherapy is available against pollens, 

       dust mites, animal dander and insect stings (bee, wasp).   

      [Injection immunotherapy ONLY for insect sting allergies]   

Evaluation for recurrent infections (chest with or without bronchiectasis, sinus, GI, skin)
Post-BMT recurrent infections (management of secondary antibody deficiency)
Autoimmune conditions (such as SLE)
Monitoring of patients post-splenectomy
Antibody deficiency disorders such as IgA deficiency

Tests available at Transplant & Immunology Laboratory (under Dr Sujoy Khan):

  • Allergy panels - Dust allergy, Food Allergy, Drug Allergy, Asthma/Rhinitis panel & Comprehensive Allergy profile (40 allergens)
  • Autoimmunity - ANCA-PR3, ANCA-MPO, GBM, ASCA IgG & ASCA IgA, Cardiolipin IgG & IgM, Beta2 GPI IgG & IgM
  • Special Proteins studies - Aspergillus fumigatus precipitins IgG, Avian precipitin IgG, EliA Calprotectin (fecal), Serum protein electrophoresis (capillary), Serum protein               immunofixation (capillary)
  • Transplant Immunology - HLA Class I and Class II molecular typing, HLA-B27 molecular typing, T-cell CDC Crossmatch (renal transplant)